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fix manually cydia

The site may not work properly if you don't update your browser. If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit old reddit. Press J to jump to the feed.However, when you try to update and install these packages through Cydia, your Cydia app will break and either Not open when you tap on it. Just not appear on your home screen entirely. If you have not updated Cydia yet: First, open up Cydia and refresh your sources. Tap on it, tap Install, tap Confirm. Once it's done installing, tap Close Cydia. You should now see Cydia Update Helper on your home screen (it doesn't have an icon, this is normal). Tap on it and you should see a white screen with Update Cydia in blue text and Output.You can now remove Cydia Update Helper as it is not needed any more. One way to do this is to go to your Installed tab, tap Recent at the top, and you should see Cydia Update Helper at the top. Tap on it, then tap Modify, then Remove. Once it's done, tap Return to Cydia. That's it! If you have already updated and your Cydia is broken or missing, read below. If you have already updated and your Cydia is broken or missing (no computer method): First, you'll obviously need to be in a jailbroken state. You'll also need Filza and NewTerm 2 (if you do not have NewTerm 2, there is a way to make your device capable of connecting to itself through SSH via localhost, more info here, I recommend the app Termius if you're going this route). You can also SSH to your device via computer, that works too. Once you have the prerequisites, download the Cydia Update Helper deb onto your device here. You should then see a screen with the deb file. Tap on More., then tap on Copy to Filza. Filza should then pop up and you should see the Cydia Update Helper (well, Cydia Upgrade Helper apparently) deb. Tap on it, then tap Install. Here, you could then tap Respring, but apparently that's not working for some people.

Here is where you pull out NewTerm 2, Termius or whatever Terminal app you're using (SSH via computer works too). Cydia Update Helper should appear on your home screen, tap on it, tap on Update Cydia, tap on Exit once it's done, open Cydia and voila. It should now work! After that just uninstall Cydia Update Helper as said above. First you'll need an SFTP program, I recommend Cyberduck as it's available on Windows and Mac (download link here ). Then open Cyberduck and click on Open Connection. As long as you see some folders, you're connected.You should see a lot more folders (don't worry about the debs in my photo, those are just tweaks). This is how we will install the Cydia Update Helper deb file.Unpacking cydia-upgrade-helper (1.1-1) over (1.1-1). Setting up cydia-upgrade-helper (1.1-1).Unpacking cydia-upgrade-helper (1.1-1) over (1.1-1).After that, tap on it, tap on Update Cydia, tap on Exit once it's done, open Cydia and voila.I’m jailbroken and Cydia is gone. I do have Filza and Terminal installed. The question is, how can I bring Cydia back. That is all I need lads. How can we fix this. I have personally not updated any packages, neither from today and yesterday through Cydia. On the other hand i have Cydia Helper installed and i see it on my homescreen. I just want to update flawlessly, but i’am worried about what i should do if i run into the “Error: 1” in Cydia Update Helper. I may look into this further and update my post about it. You should be completely fine not updating for now (unless you're planning to get Sileo). That being said, are you having issues after updating Cydia. Or did you not update yet. Installed anything great recently. Got an idea for a tweak. Wrote a cool tutorial. Curious about how something works. All rights reserved Back to top. This might mean you need to manually fix this package. This error commonly happens if you're also using another program that refreshes package data, such as Curiosa. To fix it, try rebooting.

If that doesn't help, you may need to uninstall Curiosa (and any other packages that do this).The usual cause of this error message is using packages that add tons of ad-blocking lines to your hosts file; uninstalling those packages should fix this error.If this is the only error message displayed, you can ignore it and use Cydia normally.Try removing some files first, such as large bootlogo or theme files; you may need to use iFile, OpenSSH, or some other way to access the filesystem.You did nothing wrong and can continue to use Cydia normally.You may have typed in the wrong URL, the source may have shut down, the source may be broken, or the source may be denying your connection for some other reason.This is often caused by a download getting interrupted before it finished, sometimes due to network problems and sometimes due to server problems.If your internet connection is fine for downloading other packages, including from other repositories, there may be a problem with the package or the repository. It may be helpful to report this to the repository manager.This is probably a temporary problem, so try again later.This is probably a temporary problem, so try again later.This might mean you need to manually fix this package. POSIX: Socket is not connected. NetDB: Open nodename nor servname provided, or not known. Your internet connection may not be working properly, or the source may not be working properly. Check your internet connection and try again later.This is often caused by a download getting interrupted before it finished, sometimes due to network problems and sometimes due to server problems.If your internet connection is fine for downloading other packages, including from other repositories, there may be a problem with the package or the repository. It may be helpful to report this to the repository manager.You can usually avoid this problem by avoiding (or uninstalling) illegally copied versions of packages.

Pirated tweaks usually are the culprit to this issue.You will need to refresh your sources and update all relevant packages, so that you get the latest versions of Cydia and associated packages - but in order to do that, you'll first need to fix this error. The error means that you have more than 65,535 packages available from your installed sources, and your old version of Cydia cannot handle that many. Go to Manage, tap Packages, find the package with the source's name, and uninstall that package. After removing a few extra sources, you should be able to refresh data without this error. Here is how you can manually enter safe mode: Hold until phone has fully rebooted. Note: All Cydia packages should be inactive at this point, though we've seen a few that continue to load anyway. Today I was installing some tweaks and getting the new version of my old ones when, the installation screen crases (Reloading Data.) I had to close cydia from multitasking and then my iPhone crashed. I restarted my phone and ir kept on the apple logo. I got in a big trouble now because I can not turn on my cellphone with cydia and the tweaks. I thing I got inffected by some bugs. I was not installing any unofficial tweaks (I am not crazy haha) HELP ME PLEAAAASE. Actually, the Substrate Safe Mode is not working. It doesn't boot in safe Mode.:( so bad My fault, if it was working well why the hell did I have to update. Anyway, It worked perfectly, I put it in safe mode and restored the old tweaks I thought it was the tweak so I managed to delete the Convergence tweak by holding the volume up and power button at once. After I deleted the tweak and resprang again, my Iphone is completely blank and shows no icon at all. It does gives me access to enter to my home screen but shows no apps at all. And whenever I pull down my notification center, it gets stuck in that forever and I have to restart it back again.

I have tried puting it in safe mode and deleting other tweaks but now I cannot even get it in safe mode. I have found that restoring will solve this problem but I don't want to restore my iDevice. What could be other possible ideas guys. Can anyone please help me? Thanks? I'm thinking something is corrupt in Cydia. I tried uninstalling Xcon because I think that's what the problem is, but it doesn't let me. It just keeps saying preparing to install. Do you think if I go in no substrate and delete a bunch of apps, then do a new backup, maybe it will let me restore to factory settings. I'm trying to load backup onto my new phone but I'm having trouble because I think my current backup is corrupt. Thank you! My device is iOS 9.3.5 iPod 5. I tried multiple times. I guess maybe the tweak I have installed is the few that does not get disabled. How will I fix it this? Plain text No HTML tags allowed. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Here’s how you can fix the “Half-Installed Package” error on iOS 11-11.1.2. Fixing Half-Installed Package error on iOS 11-11.1.2 Method 1 Method 2 Users received this error message when they tried to install tweaks like Phantom Lite among others. These errors don’t go away and instead continue to cause issues. These scripts can be deleted and the package forcibly removed. However, some of them are yet to push an update to BigBoss and other repositories. You can download it from this link if you don’t have it already. For example, you must remove the following files if you want to remove Phantom (Lite) He has been jailbreaking his iPhone since 2010. Best way to catch his attention. Show him a tweak he hasn't installed. Well done, jailbreak is totally back. If you can’t afford to wait for it, try running Delectra script. Sileo will replace Cydia within a few days. Can you help me please. iOS 11.3.

1 iPhone 7Plus Just that whenever I try to use Filza to uninstall the tweak Phantom Lite it doesn’t allow me to delete the files that i need because it says that I don’t have permission to access.trash. I’ve also tried uninstalling the tweak directly from cydia but it won’t allow me, and i’ve also tried to uninstall substitute to see if that works but it says “sub-process dpkg—set selections returned an error code (2)” and “couldn’t clean the currently selected dpkg states” Help?! It seems that many are new. Thx very muck Y’all weak af, your gay fucking tut here doesn’t do jack shit. I still get these errors I also do not know which tweak is causing my Cydia to do this.Is there any way to donate to YOU your guides have been so helpful. I’ll donate happily?? If you want to donate, donate to the jailbreak developers like Coolstar and Saurik who develop tools for free. You can still have more files of the same tweak. I tried to download filzaescaped with both links but when I launch it on my device it just causes it to reboot.Thank you again Wait for an update by Saurik or Coolstar regarding these packages. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Privacy policy. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.Network for that app is not available until user grant the permission. Users can not even find Cydia item in Preferences app. As a result, Cydia just not work after the initial JB. Could you guys consider adding that piece of code? I hope it can be fixed as well. It has been painful for Chinese devices! Some iOS built-in apps will also have this popup, like calendar ( I guess they are those apps can be delete and reinstall from AppStore). You can see there are AppStore and Settings. I didn't launch calendar app here for the first time when I capture this, so you won't see it. But I have launched Cydia and make it work, it still not shows Cydia.

I was told this feature is dedicated only for mainland China because laws demand this. It seems like the iOS is reading the iPhone's hardware info to decide if the phone would have this feature. Only devices with Cellular are impacted. I have WIFI only iPad, which is fine. But I didn't have a cellular iPad, so I cannot confirm whether Cellular iPad has this feature. It's not even shown up in the above settings. Then Cydia will have access to internet, but still not showing up in the settings list. Just FYI an indication that the device is a Chinese one is if you go to Settings, in the section where it should say “Wi-Fi”, it shows “WLAN” instead. Also if the device is SIM-compatible, let it be an iPhone or an iPad, in the tab Cellular it gives you the option to choose whether an app can use WLAN or both. It has to be on localhost so it won’t work if you add a VPN configuration directly in Settings. And when this is happening again on unc0ver I was like bugger it and boom, it works. So maybe anyone of greater knowledge than me can look into that file to see what’s going on (not sure whether it’ll be present on non-Chinese devices as well tho). Worth to mention that I have a Chinese test device so please do contact me if you wish to test anything via VNC or whatever. More than pleased to help. I'm not entirely sure though because I can't seem to remember whether I have used ConditionalWiFi on this test device. Probably going to need more people testing this, and btw I didn't test whether Cydia has internet access under Cellular data (currently don't have a compatible SIM with data plan) but can confirm it's working under Wi-Fi. I'd wish to leave the goddamn country but that wouldn't solve the issue. But I do hope unc0ver can embed the deb as built-in resource and call NetworkFix for Cydia during initial JB. It will help a lot of ordinary people living in China.

Some iOS built-in apps will also have this popup, like calendar ( I guess they are those apps can be delete and reinstall from AppStore). You can see there are AppStore and Settings. Then Cydia will have access to internet, but still not showing up in the settings list. Just saying it doesn’t work doesn’t help anything. It’s not going to work if you directly open Cydia without choosing that “Allow WLAN and Cellular”. Hope everything will work out for you:) That may help a lot. And I'm also having this problem. Perhaps buying an iphone in China is a mistake My device is in ios 12.1 ?? I think they must jailbreak first. lol I'm sorry if I bother people again for this comment. ?? Enjoy yourself! Any fixes? And when I try in filza it says command not found. Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. You tap on the Install button, confirm your action, and wait for a few seconds or minutes and then Respring your iPhone or iPad. Well done! You can now see the changes take place on your iOS device. Sometimes, when I install a tweak that isn’t compatible with my iPhone or just don’t act well with other tweaks, the package will break my device. In some cases, my screen will just be blank. Here are your options. Which means you will lose your Jailbreak and Cydia. If you’ve accidentally installed a jailbreak tweak that isn’t compatible or breaks your iOS device, here is how to fix the problem. The benefits of using the SSH method are absolutely worth it. But it’s very easy to use. I often use the SSH method when a Cydia tweak caused the app to be completely frozen, and safe-mode isn’t working. This usually means no more Jailbreak (until someone releases a utility for it). If you want to keep your Jailbreak and fix the bug at the same time, using SSH is the ultimate solution. Listen to the commands ( apt-get update, for example ) and type it into Putty software or Terminal.

It turned out this package only supports iOS 8 and below while his iPhone is already running iOS 10.1.1. Moral of the story is, never install outdated tweaks as it can put your device at risk. More specifically, Cydia will stop working, and you will see boot loop occur on your iPhone. Open it and uninstall any tweaks that you think might cause the problem. After that, re-jailbreak by deleting the Yalu app and sideload it using Cydia Impactor. We already detailed those instructions on the other guide. After downloading yalu a second time we realised activator was still on the phone and I cannot remove it. In Ifunbox it does not show up as an application, cydia will not go on the device and using SSH through terminal to remove activator is not working. Any suggestions would be likely appreciated. I have also tried hard booting my phone, restoring a previous backup and also starting my phone as new but activator is always there. I had to reboot in order to get in. Alright, I do need to use cydia impactor to fix yalu first though. And I did that but it ended up freezing my phone and i had to hold power and home to reboot. I knew you could do this somehow but I didn’t know how to do it but I found this and I’m happy now That yalu app is showing phone already jailbroken. How to get cydia? Actually im out on a holiday and don’t have a PC with me, and my Yalu app expired and now im not jailbroken. Any help would be appreciated. It is hard to describe, but if you use both an iOS device (even an iPod Touch) and any other phone (including Swiftkey on Android), you’ll immediately notice the difference. Even with the tiny 3.5 inch screen (now 4 inch), the typing experience on an iPhone beats the pants off almost any other device you can find.However, ruining this great keyboard software is iPhone’s autocorrect feature. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to showcasing the blunders of the silly autocorrect.

This is tiresome, to say the least, when you have more useless suggestions than otherwise. Instead of being forced on you, the correction works only when you hit a popup. Of course, one can hope it makes its way to iOS, perhaps in iOS 7, much like notifications, multitasking and many others from the jailbreak world was included in iOS. Until then, this wonderful tweak is restricted only to the jailbreak iPhones and iPod Touch. Hit the “Edit” button on the top right corner, and add any word or phrase you like. If you are confused by the phrase and shortcut fields, here’s a useful reminder: enter the word to be corrected as shortcut, and the correction as phrase. This error can be annoying for regular Cydia users because that restrict you from doing anything in this app. The most familiar scenario in which this error might occur is while canceling the reload operation of Cydia. Once you launch Cydia, you can see that it reloads its data. Cydia is actually refreshing all data trying to search for changes on the packages or source. In this article I will teach you how to fix this error in the easiest way possible. Here are few steps you need to follow in order to solve this: Launch your Cydia It is obvious that you will end up getting that error while downloading or installing the package. Now tap on Return to Cydia. In the bottom of the screen you can see five tabs. Tap on Changes You should see the Refresh button at the top left of the screen. Tap it. Wait while Cydia finishes reloading its data. Cydia will now start updating its packages and release info. You should let this process complete and they retry your download. The problem should now be solved. So it is always best if you let Cydia reload properly every time you boot. Obviously, it is annoying but at least it would minimize the errors. If you are still getting this error after following above mentioned steps, then the package might have been deleted from the repo by the repo management.

Superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale mission critical projects on time and under budget. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. You can download Restoro by clicking the Download button below. Download Now I'm not interested Close Search for. For example, while using Cydia Impactor, you may face runtime error, http-win.cpp158, cydia impactor error 173 or any of such errors. These errors cause a significant delay for a human to get work finished. It is a natural behavior to become frustrated when such errors are not getting fixed. In this article, we have provided almost all kind of errors you may face while using Cydia Impactor. You will get the cause of particular cydia impactor error along with its solution. This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Try to extract at the desktop and then drag it to the software. Try your luck with VPN for making an attempt with a different region. Utilize another tool for signing IPA file and sideload that signed IPA using Impactor. One of the community members used iOS App Signer to resign yalu.ipa and installed with the latest Impactor, it worked. Solution 2: Majority of community members are facing the same issue while using Cydia Impactor. Trying out available different solutions are not leading users to walk away without cydia impactor 42 error. But it can be 100% resolved with the following method where impactor won’t be our handy tool. Go to from your Safari browser. Type unc0ver -new beta in the search bar. Upon finding the same, click on Get and let it install the app. Tap on “Trust” on your iPhone while you connect your device to the computer. Solution: There may be a problem with the certificate causing such action. Please visit to enroll. Solution: Utilize revoke certificate along with cydia impactor as demonstrated for 80 error. Create a new apple id and use it while cydia impactor asks.

This will solve the actual issue. 10. provision.cpp:150 error Error: provision.cpp:150 or provisoin.cpp:168 Your Apple ID or password was entered incorrectly Solution: It may be because of invalid login credentials. However, if it does not disappear, go to and generate an app-specific password. You can follow our video guide. 11. provision.cpp:158 error Error: provision.cpp:158 peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates Solution: It seems you haven’t followed our simple guide of installing IPA file on iOS. After drag and drop task, you need to allow unknown certificate. You can always follow our video guide. 12. provision.cpp:159 error Error: provision.cpp:159 Solution: High probability of facing this error may be the older version of Cydia Impactor. Download and install latest Cydia Impactor. 13. provision.cpp:160 error Error: provision.cpp:160 http-win.cpp:160 Solution: It encounters because of improper internet connection. For removing this cydia impactor error, ensure you are connected to the internet with the firewall. If you’re using VPN, disable it. 14. provision.cpp:168 error Error: provision.cpp:168 You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request Solution: Utilize App-Specific Password: This is the same method that we used to eliminate cydia impactor ??? 173. However, go through our video tutorial. Enter your Apple ID and password and hit enter. You will get “revoked 1 certificate” message on the screen. Now, try reinstalling your IPA file. Create a New Apple ID: There might be the possibility of getting this error because of your Apple ID. Create a brand new Apple ID and try sideloading your IPA package. This should remove the cydia impactor 168 error. Computer Diversification: At last, give another computer a chance as some existing installed software may be acting as a barrier for this impactor error. 15. provision.cpp:173 error Error: provision.

cpp; line: 173; what: Please sign in with an app-specific password Solution: As the error depicts, you need enter an app-specific password while sideloading IPA files instead of your Apple ID password. Go to, log in using your Apple ID credentials and generate an app-specific password. Use it when you drag IPA on cydia impactor. Alternatively, you can just create a new Apple ID and give it a shot. This should eliminate cydia impactor 173 error. If it still appears, try disabling two-factor authentification and make an attempt using your existing Apple ID password. 16. http-win, cpp; line 182 Error: file: http-win.cpp; line 182; what: Problem with ssl ca cert (path. Turn it off and give it a go. It is worth a shot for cydia impactor 182 error. 17. provision.cpp:698 error Error: provision.cpp.698 Solution: It appears when Cydia Impactor doesn’t detect iOS device properly. Remove USB cable and reboot iPhone once. Reinstall iTunes and then follow the entire procedure. 18. impactor.cpp:637 error Error: impactor.cpp:637 error:desktop.cpp:314 Solution: The simplest solution is to install iTunes that you probably forgot to install earlier. 19. zip.cpp:311 error Solution: Your downloaded IPA file may be corrupted which is causing this issue. Download it again or try out another IPA provider and sideload again. 22. file: zip.cpp; line: 597 Error: file: zip.cpp; line: 597 premature ends error Solution: Restart the OS and try again. Well, the backend has to be changed to get rid of this and there has not been any permanent fix so far. But in the meantime, you can fulfill your requirements using available spoofers or provision. Install IPAs using Windows-based 3Utools Use Apple Premium Developer Accounts This issue is expected to be solved within this December itself. Cydia Impactor Error 173 Solution Turn it off and give it a try! Make sure you have downloaded the complete app. If it still appears, you may alter computer OS.

AppSigner is another thing you can have your hands on. Still throwing the same error. Ohh man! Your app must have an inbuilt issue. Wait for its next update. I would be happy to create a new app-specific password for it if need be, but it’s not even popping up asking me to give it a password in the first place. I have tried redownloading and reinstalling both Cydia Impactor and iTunes, so I really don’t know what to do. Make sure you change your flare according to your device. It is failing because the device you’re using may not be a 32bit one. So I followed the instructions to remove the newer impactor version an downloaded v9.45 instead. This time it’s error 62 but the warning is the same which says “application already installed as incompatible team. What can i do now? You can try disabling 2FA and use your Apple ID and password while sideloading via both v0.9.51 and v0.9.45. Is there a fix for this So i should uninstall v0.9.45 and reinstall which version. Where can I download impactor v0.9.51? Thanks. On the other hand, have a look at the following video: for a reliable solution. I use cydia in windows 10 64 bits Iphone 6s with iOS 12.2, without jailbreak Thank you I hope you are using the app-specific password method. Go with putting your phone in airplane mode and try with latest cydia impactor. Web-based IPA sideloader like AppSigner would be the last thing you may wanna try! Create an entirely new Apple ID or utilize to sign the app. Another third party platform you can try is iOS App Signer or iResign.

Now I opened cydia impactor the latest version, look for the ipa I put the id and password before the copy and when I installed I did not see when the application was installed, switch to another window as google chrome (it is strange this step but it worked for me so) and already at the time of reopening the application there was a green bar next to the impact of Cydia, I guess the rest of steps you will know Greetings julian A majority of community members are facing the exact same error without getting it resolved. But if you’re okay with eliminating Cydia Impactor for solving this error, you are gonna get an accurate solution. I’ve updated this article with your error and its solutions. Please give the stated solutions a push and thank me later. ?? You may not see the installed app’s icon to remove it. In this case, just reboot your device once, remove it and reinstall the downloaded IPA again. If there please do mention it with a reply or your thoughts about when the resolve for this issue will take place. Thank you so much for hard work and efforts Saurikk with helping everybody here with whatever issue they are having and I wish you all the best. Explored a couple of threads and sites and finally, you solved my error. Love ya ?? If there please do mention it with a reply or your thoughts about when the resolve for this issue will take place. Thank you so much for hard work and efforts Saurikk with helping everybody here with whatever issue they are having and I wish you all the best. Por favor, hagame saber el resultado para que las personas puedan tener una solucion adecuada. Gracias You can try another app signer.This is the ultimate solution for cydia impactor 81 error.Result: it crashed after 2-3secs on the loading screen How it could be fixed?:shrug: Thanks Anyway, have you tried other cydia impactor alternatives. They are worth a shot, especially super impactor.